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The NYU-ECNU Institute of Brain and Cognitive Science at NYU Shanghai is a research institute dedicated to advancing the study of mind and brain. Leveraging the strong research programs at both NYU and ECNU, the Institute promotes and conducts interdisciplinary research in cognitive science and neuroscience. Our goal is to acquire scientific knowledge for the improvement of the human conditions and educate the next generation of scientists in brain and cognitive science. 


Members of the Institute focus on basic and transformative research in auditory and visual perception, speech and language, learning and memory, and decision making.  Our institute faculty use a variety of approaches, including behavioral, neuroscience, brain imaging, and computational modeling approaches, and are developing new experimental and analytical tools.


From undergraduate studies, graduate programs to postdoctoral training, the Institute forms and shapes an ecosystem for the training of talented students in the new and exciting interdisciplinary area. The intense and immersive summer schools, high profile international conferences and colloquium series exemplify the high-level cross-disciplinary scientific research and training environment at the core of our mission. The Institute is becoming a magnet of world-class science where great minds meet.


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